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It is advisable not to guess the size of the flap you will need but to take a few simple measurements to make the right choice. The weight of the pet is irrelevant. The Height and width of your pet are the important measure-ments that dictate the correct pet flap size.

If you have several pets, then you should use the largest pet to choose the flap size.

Step One - Measure the shoulder width of your pet. Try opening a sliding door to the width you have measured to see if your pet can walk through.

Step Two - Measure your pet from the top of their shoulder blades down to the ground.

Pet Flap Height Width
Transcat Cat 17cm 18cm
Transcat Dog 25cm 28.5cm
Petway small 24cm 19cm
Petway Med 30.5cm 22.5cm
Petway Large 40cm 26cm